Dell readying 10in E–series?

When we first caught wind of Dell’s plans for a netbook dubbed the E–series (Asus, we’d be speaking with our legal bods if we were y

Now though, Dell is said to be lining up a 10in version too, aimed right at the MSI Wind and Eee PC 1000 series. This according to the usually spot–on DigiTimes, who also suggest the new machine will be outed in October.

The timing is surely no coincidence. Dell is prepping a big ol’ press shindig in California today, where they’re said to be officially unveling the 8.9in E–Series, alongside the E–slim.

Hopefully, we’ll get something more concrete then, so be sure to stay tuned to throughout the day. Fingers crossed the UK price will be the equivalent of the previously mooted $299.


10in Dell E–series

Price: £TBA

On sale: October

Contact: Dell