Dell Mini 10 rocks up at Tesco

Dell gave us a hands–on with Dell's Mini 10 way back in December, before telling us to keep quiet because it wasn't due to hit shelves until ear

Th new machine will set you back £349, with all the usual specs we've come to expect from netbooks the world over. You get the same old Intel Atom, a 10in screen, 160GB HDD 1GB of RAM and, of course, Windows XP. Not all bad for the price we have to say.

Sadly, Dell's remaining quiet about the release of their MacBook Air rival, "Adamo", saying only that it'll be coming later this year. Having had a look at an early prototype when we played with the Mini 10, we can assure you its set to ruffle a few feathers when it does finally arrive.

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Dell Mini 10

Price: £349

On sale: Now

Contact: Tesco