Dell Mini 10 – HD comes to netbooks

Dell has been notable by its absence at this year's CES. But that hasn't stopped them rolling out details of their new netbook, the Mini 10. The name'

Its number one asset is surely 720p HD, letting you check out hi–def movies and TV on the the sharp 16:9 screen. It also comes with a TV tuner under the hood, so you can at least attempt to find a way of getting decent hi–def TV shows on your lappie before reverting to watching Wayne's World in French on YouTube.

A glass trackpad lets you flick around web pages just as you would on the new Macbooks, although we can't see this quite matching Apple's efforts. At least for now.

Other specs include GPS, just in case you happen to get lost with your new netbook shoved in your bag. Elsewhere, everything's as expected, with an Intel Atom and plans to keep the cost down with an HDD.