Dell lining up Mini Inspiron

It seems everyone wants in on the cheap laptop fun. No sooner has the 10in Eee PC sneaked out, Dell’s weighed in with their own Asus-baiting toy

First seen by Gizmodo, the new model, which hasn’t got an official name, was confirmed by the PC giant late last night and certainly looks a treat. Specs are almost as scarce as the truth about the 3G iPhone.

We do know it’ll tote either Windows XP or Linux, and most likely come packing an Eee 901 matching 8.9in screen. And if the press shots we’ve spied are to be believed iot’ll come in a range of colours too.

Price-wise, we reckon this will fall pretty close to the Asus effort. We’re gagging to get more details and as soon as we hear them, you will too. While you’re waiting, be sure to check out tomorrow’s podcast to hear more about the lappies taking it to the Eee PC.