Dell drops super–specced XPS 730 rig

Are you one of those gamers who has nothing but contempt for GTA IV and consoles in general? Well, step this way graphics fiends, because Dell has a t

Their new XPS 730 gaming rig is one serious bit of kit. You can play games in eyeball–stroking 1920x1200 with over 30fps also up for grabs.

There’s also a whacking four hard drives, an NVIDIA chipset, Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme processor and a new cooling system for those marathon sessions.

Looks–wise, we’re talking pretty off kilter, as you can see. Not exactly your common–or–garden PC tower we think you’ll agree.

Naturally, all this lot comes at a price. £2,799 to be precise. So unless you’re a high–flying exec making a ton from people’s recession–based misery, we’re guessing this one’s slightly out of range.

Still, if you still fancy a spot of gaming on the cheap, you can always just grab GTA and be done with it.


Dell XPS 730

Price: £2,799

On sale: Now

Contact: Dell