Dell Adamo gets its own teaser video

First mentioned way back in 2008, the Dell Adamo is clearly the PC giant’s answer to the MacBook Air, but aside from the fact that it was going

Dell has updated its “Adamo by Dell” website with a teaser video that shows off the luxury laptop’s exterior for the first time as a pair of CGI robot arms put one together. It’s even whittled down from a single block of aluminium in what could be seen as a bit of a sly dig at Apple’s new and much-vaunted “brick” manufacturing process. Or not.

Anyway, while the teaser doesn’t get into the specifics it’s evident that the Adamo is going to be skinny (possibly skinnier than the Air) and that it’s going to look rather tasty – we’re talking aluminium everywhere, a lovely flat keyboard and a glossy widescreen display. Oh, and it looks like it has two USB ports on the back - take that, one-USB toting MacBook Air!

We still have no handle on a launch date and price for the Adamo, but we’d be surprised if Dell doesn’t continue its drip-feed of tantalising info-snippets over the next few weeks.

Link to Dell Adamo video