Def Jam and Sony Ericsson mash it up

Be honest, The Carphone Warehouse is the last place you’d expect to go and ‘roll with your homies.’Except, it seems, that’s ex

Except, it seems, that’s exactly where it’s at if you’re of the blinging persuasion. See, Sony Ericsson and the high street mobile giant have got it on to offer the world’s first Def Jam phone, a customised W910i.

In keeping with a record label that’s home to such ostentatious (and that’s being polite) individuals including Kanye West and Ludacris, this ill blower comes in white and gold.

And that ain’t all killers. On top of that phat colour scheme, you get black and gold MPS 75 speakers and a stack of content to boot.

On board you’ll find tracks from Nas, Janet and Rihanna, as well as bangin’ clips by Chingy, Mariah and Rocko.

Glamour–wise, this is no doubt top of the pile. Let’s face it, would you rather be packing this bad boy or Playboy and Alcatel’s somewhat tawdry effort?


Def Jam Sony Ericsson W910i

Price: £TBA

On sale: April 8

Contact: Carphone Warehouse