December issue on sale now!

Stop eating leftover Halloween sweets, take off your Dracula costume and get yourself down to the newsagent (or App Store). The new issue of Stuff is out today!

As the saying goes: “Pinch, punch, first of the month, time to buy the new issue of Stuff magazine.” That’s right, isn’t it?

Once you’ve apologised to the shop assistant for pinching and punching them you’ll have nearly 200 pages of stonking gadget pr0n to get through, starting with everything you need to know about Valve’s Steam Controller and ending with everything you need to know about Computer Art. But that’s not all you need to know.

Next-gen launch titles

In between you’ll find an interview with the man who invented the iPhone (spoiler: he doesn’t think much of 3D TV), a guide to the PS4 and Xbox One’s launch line-ups, a flock of wooly jumpers to get you through the cold winter nights, plus a test of Smart’s Ebike.

iPhone 5S vs the world

We’ll also take you on journey through the new breed of electric vehicles coming to make our gas-guzzling cars extinct, plus we’ve gathered the world’s best smartphones together in our test lab to discover which one is the best once and for all. Can the iPhone 5s take back its crown or will one of Android’s new breed claim the prize?

Buy it Now!

Interested? Of course you are. All you need to do to get hold of such a treat is visit your local newsagent, point your browser at or aim your iPad at Apple’s Newsstand.