Datz Music Lounge offers unlimited MP3s for £100

Unlimited downloads are creating more buzz than an average indie band with dodgy hair cuts in the NME right now. Nokia Comes With Music and Sony Erics

Well, Datz Music Lounge has just rolled up and is offering a rather tasty DRM–free alternative. Front up £100 for a gift box including the software, shove in the supplied USB stick and you have access to millions of MP3s on the official site which you can keep forever and put on any player you like.

For now its Windows only, although a Mac version is due to hit shelves in December. The real shame though is that this isn't a renewable subscription offer, so you can only sign up for a year. Once it's up, there's no more signing on the dotted line, so we suggest you load up on as much music as possible while you can.

At the moment, EMI and Warner are the only majors on board, with Beggars offering their independent artists too and plans for more of the big boys to get involved next year.

Prefer Nokia's offering? The check out our hands–on vid to see how it all works.


Datz Music Lounge

Price: £99.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Datz