Dating website for gamers launches

Forget relying on Tomb Raider to get your thrills: Date A Gamer is online

Lonely-hearted gamers need never spend another night weeping into their controllers. Date A Gamer, the first dating site for UK gaming geeks, has launched.

Date A Gamer is open to fans of all genres, be it MMORPGs, shooters or even puzzles. Cash-strapped would-be romancers will be pleased to hear it's also free to join.

The site has only been up for a few days, but word has spread like wildfire around the forums. In the last 24 hours alone, it has had over 5,000 hits and membership has risen to 150,000.

Other notable techie dating sources include dating app Cupidtino, which is exclusively for Apple fanboys (and girls).

Date A Gamer was started by Deux Ex fan Tom Thurlow, better known as the presenter of MTV's The Freshers. He says: "Over two-thirds of mean and more than half of women in the UK now regularly play video games, so it's about time they had access to a niche dating website."

So if your princess always seems to be in another castle, log on and take a look!

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