Datawind plotting PocketSurfer netbook for 2009

With 2008 seeing the birth of more netbooks than even the most travel–addicted gadget fan knows what to do with, it's hardly surprising that the

But Datawind won't be beaten down so easily. ElectricPig has just had some down time with one of their suits, who's told them they'll be taking their mobile web expertise and shovelling it into a netbook next year.

Word is that it will come with a "decent size of screen" and that, like the current PocketSurfer2R, will be contractless. That means you'll pay for web access via 3G up front. It might make it more expensive at the start, but would be a darn sight cheaper than some of the contract netbook deals currently doing the rounds.

If you can't wait, make sure you check out our guide to buy a netbook. And once you're done, make sure you get up to speed with the new PocketSurfer.