The Dark Knight Rises behind the scenes video hits YouTube

Spoiler alert – there's only a few weeks left to go till Batman's back so careful how much of this 13 minute feature you let yourself watch

You've read the morbid rumours, you've watched the trailers in every possible sequence.

All that's left to do before we finally get to clamp eyes on The Dark Knight Rises, hopefully in IMAX, this month is watch the really, really ridiculously good-looking cast (and director Christopher Nolan) talk us through the clips we've seen before with a few behind-the-scenes stills thrown in for good measure.

The images show just how long Bat Frenzy has been going on – we glimpsed a Gotham City police car in London a year or so ago – but until the damn film comes out, Nolan's not going to let up drip feeding us The Dark Knight Rises footage.

Watch the Warner Brothers 'featurette' if you dare but if you're itching for more Bat flavoured gadget goodness, kit yourself out like a real-life Dark Knight with our best budget Bat-gadgets or explore Gotham in 3D with Nokia Maps.


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