The Dark Knight Motorcycle suit is movie spin-off gold

Comic and Christian Bale fans, prepare to drool. Spin off movie merchandise just upped the ante with the replica Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit. It could

It could be argued the suit is a little overkill, it may even result in a bit of mockery or worse, getting the holy mackerel kicked out of you. But that's all irrelevant - this is undoubtedly one of the *coolest* pieces of movie merchandise ever.

Trying to take on London's ever-growing street crime probably isn't a good idea - the suit comes with none of the cool Batman accessories and weaponry and could result in an ass kicking and your fly new suit getting stolen off your back. But hey, if you think you're up for the challenge...

This thing is hardcore - it comes with a heavy-duty cordura mesh base with four-way stretch inserts, leather and kevlar plates, CE approved body armor and those (possibly dangerous and/or illegal) trademark spikes. Sadly there's no matching helmet.

Now all you need is that motorbike to complete your get-up and that's this year's Halloween costume sorted.

There's no pricing details available yet, but its official website says it's "coming soon". Dark Knight fans keep your eyes peeled.