DailyMotion beats YouTube to HD

YouTube is still dithering on whether to unleash HD video to the masses. But while it's languishing with pixelated clips of skydiving grannies losing

Until now, HD video-sharing sites have been few and far between, and none have used the universally accepted Flash (the same format YouTube employs for its standard-def clips).

Since high-def video tends to choke bandwidth, you'll need at least a 1.6Mbps broadband connection to appreciate it – otherwise DailyMotion will scale it down to an appropriate res.

You'll also need hardware that's built to cope with HD video, though a hefty single-core PC or any dual-core machine should handle it admirably.

We had a go today and found a smattering of clips already up. Stay tuned for more though, because hi-def National Lampoon sketches and clips are promised. 

Contact: DailyMotion