Cygnett cases swan in for iPad 2

The iPad 2 accessory bandwagon is already in motion...

How to protect your shiny new iPad 2? Apple’s Smart Covers might keep the screen safe, but they won’t stop the aluminium back from getting scratched. Luckily there are truckloads of third-party iPad 2 cases on the way, including these from Cygnett.

There are Lavish, Lavish Earth (three colours), Armour (two colours) and Glam (two colours) cases incoming, each of which covers all the vulnerable portions of the iPad 2 while leaving all the vitals (screen, buttons, ports) free to prod.  All can be converted to offer three different viewing angles for the iPad 2.

The Lavish, Armour and Glam cases are all priced at £35 each.


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