Cyber MC says no more ciggies

What’s wrong with a spot of brainwashing, eh? Especially if it turns you from an overweight, hyper–stressed, chain–smoking hippy hat

That is precisely the aim of Orange Dream’s Cyber MC, a new piece of kit from Korea that aims to rid you of your vices, teach you to meditate and get rid of your paunch.

Slap on the goggles, fire up the software, and this not–at–all terrifying tech will serve up images to either calm you down or scare you into putting down the cancer sticks for good.

Room 101-style torture is already being discussed on blogs, but the fact that you can check your progress in the quitting stakes, thanks to the bundled software, makes us think this is a winner.

As keep fit gadgets go, it makes the Adidas miCoach look like an Alcatel blower.

We’ll be taking a look at namesake Orange’s own efforts at using our beloved gadgets to keep us fit over in Paris this week. Make sure you’re right here for all that healthy goodness as we get it.


Cyber MC

Price: £TBA

On sale: April

Contact: Orange Dream