Crytek's Gface blends cloud gaming with social networking

The Crysis developer hopes to grab a chunk of the cloud gaming pie by blending social networking and online gaming together, in one fragtastic package

Crysis developer Crytek has created a cloud gaming service called Gface to rival OnLive and Gaikai, hoping to entice gamers with a host of social network-like features.

As with OnLive, Gface will allow gamers to view live video feeds and stream both casual and hi-spec games off the cloud, courtesy of a browser-based Gface plugin.

Users will also be able to join groups, send messages and share videos, movies and pictures, and the ability to invite a friend to play without them having to sign up is a nice touch for hassle-free gaming.

Gface will be hitting the beta stage soon, so head on over here to register your interest for a chance to take it for a spin before its official release.

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