Crysis 3 gets 2013 release date and first photos

Set in a future New York jungle the latest Crysis takes the term urban jungle to another level

Crysis 3 has just crept out of the jungle into the light of day, and the world is a whole new wild place.

The latest Crytek and EA title, Crysis 3 sees you take control of Prophet once again, with all his nanosuit tech and arsenal of weapons at your disposal – only this time you'll get your hands on alien technology and weapons, too.

And you’ll need it in Crysis 3's future version of New York – which has been placed in a nanodome, turning it from an urban jungle into the real deal. There are seven differently themed areas called the Seven Wonders. You’ll see swamplands, rivers and dense overgrowth – all of which should look great thanks to the updated CryENGINE tech that drives this first-person shooter.

The only bad news is you’ll have to wait until 2013 before you can get your hands on Crysis 3. Plenty of time to mod your wetsuit so that you’re properly attired when playing, then.

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