CordLite iPhone charger stops you fumbling around in the dark

Tired of missing that nighttime charger hole-in-one? Meet the iPhone cable with a bright little twist

If you're constantly flailing around in the dark trying to connect your iPhone to its charging cable, you'll be glad to hear that your suffering has not gone unnoticed. Meet the CordLite.

At first glance you might mistaken the CordLite for just another iPhone charger, but it has a clever trick up its sleeve – pick it up and a set of inbuilt LED lights switch on to light your way.

There are no switches involved – just some fancy touch-sensitive tech built into the aluminium connector that results in instant illumination the second you pick it up (assuming it's plugged in, of course).

If you fancy wrapping your hands around a CordLite then head on over to its Kickstarter page where you can contribute to the cause.

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