Copy and paste coming to the iPhone - at last!

One of the biggest frustrations for iPhone users could soon be fixed: according to reports the next full version of the iPhone firmware (2.1) will fea

About time, too - the iPhone's Mac OS software is pitched as a cutting-edge computing platform but lacks one of the most basic elements of text editing.

And that's not the only omission. There's no doubt that the Apple iPhone is one of the most desirable artefacts of the 21st Century, but like a a crying shame that it doesn't fulfil some basics.

Only yesterday we received an email from one irate reader called Smudge:

"Has anyone tried to send a contact to a friend, or forward on a text sent to them? Now I know it does not do MMS (how 1990) but if you do take a photo you then can’t send to a mate by Bluetooth. Trust me if its winding me up this much after 5 days what’s it going to be like after 6 months."

Anything else you'd like to add to the list? A2DP Bluetooth Stereo streaming, perhaps? Wi-Fi sync? Let me know in the comments below.

[via MacNN]

PS If you can't wait for the next firmware release, you could you make do with a new Notes-style application called MagicPad (available from the App Store soon). MagicPad features its own copy-and-paste functionality - but only when you're within the MagicPad app. Shame. You can see the video of MagicPad action over on TechCrunch.

PPS It's not quite MMS, But Palringo have just this minute announced the iPhone first 'Rich Messaging Service' - "in the current absence of MMS capabilities on the 3G iPhone, Palringo

offers the ability to send and receive picture messages using the

iPhone’s data connection". Intriguing.