CoPilot Live Premium app heads to iPhone

The wait is over. CoPilot Live Premium arrives on iOS today

As Google knows all too well, Apple is intent on making everyone wait for its approval of their services. ALK Technologies has been waiting in the wings for a thumbs-up on an iVersion of its CoPilot Live Premium service, which has fast become one of the top selling paid apps in the Android Market. The waiting ends today.

Building on the success of CoPilot Live, the latest in their popular line of satnav apps has undergone a major update, including the choice of up to three alternative routes to your destination, and the ability to fine tune your journey by dragging routes to preferred roads, text-to-speech functionality, walking mode and real-time traffic updates. This includes the optional ActiveTraffic, which calculates the fastest route based on real-time traffic speeds – available for a 12-month subscription of £9.99.

Keeping within the current obsession with social networks, all the usual suspects are present, so expect Twitter updates, Facebook check-ins, Bing local search and Wikipedia access. Not sure whether to make the purchase? A 50% discount incentive should help make that decision a whole lot easier, putting the price of the UK + Ireland maps at £14.99 and a European maps version at £29.99. This introductory offer is only for the next seven days, however, after which the price shoots up to the normal price of £29.99 and £59.99, respectively.


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