Cool-er to launch 3G colour touchscreen ebook reader in early 2010

We were impressed by the chutzpah of British ebook reader start-up Cool-er but the fiddly controls on their first ebook reader only garnered it three

While we've drooled over the Sony Reader Daily Edition and Amazon's Kindle, neither seems set to hit the UK any time soon. If Cool-er can deliver on the promise, its 3G-enabled ebook reader could be the first one to hit the UK.

Cool-er has just done a deal to provide Google Books through its online store, giving it a vast catalogue of content to fill devices with but to sell a 3G device, it'll need a phone network to partner with. And it has. Cool-er says its already inked a deal with a network but can't reveal which one yet. It also has plans to partner with magazines and newspapers to bring them to its future colour screen ebook reader.

Obviously, Cool-er's second device is some way off but let us know what you think? Would a colour screen and a 3G connection be enough to lure you away from your dead tree tomes?