Christmas Gift Round Up – 5 Gifts under £10

Stuck for stocking fillers? Check out this lot of affordable gadgety goodness below.Best for arty types: Gelaskins iPhone caseCycling helmets and iPho

Stuck for stocking fillers? Check out this lot of affordable gadgety goodness below.

Best for arty types: Gelaskins iPhone case

Cycling helmets and iPhone cases – they protect, but where's the style? Enter Gelaskins with a choice of great artwork and custom options – for iPhone cases, at least. Perfect for a mate who likes to stand out from the crowd a bit, and while you're at it – why not pimp out your iPod with a case as well? They are temptingly lovely.

Buy it: Gelaskins, $14.95

Best for : Dead Fred

Let your mother-in-law know how much you love her with this delightful desktop pen holder. If its homicidal undertones unsettle her, tell her you'll exchange it for something nice from the garden centre. Like a chainsaw.

Buy it: I Want One Of Those, £7.50

Best for music lovers: i-No Game

Everyone likes a game on Christmas Day, and this little device turns your iPod into a music quiz for four, testing you on song titles, lyrics and even questions on the artists. Of course once you're all quizzed out, it works as an iPod dock as well so you can just pump out some tunes as you let your Christmas dinner go down.

Buy it: Gadgetshop, £9.99

Best for storage junkies: Kingston DataTraveller Mini 8GB

These skeletal USB keys might look like something that would fall out of a cracker, but they're actually sturdy 4GB memory sticks. Not bad for under a fiver And there's not a corny joke in sight.

Buy it: Amazon, from £3.95

Best for commuters: SanDisk MobileMate Micro

Lots of phones have a microSD slot capable of turning them into capacious PMPs, but song transfer is fiddly, so few people bother. SanDisk's MobileMate makes it much easier to get content to and from your phone, by offering a microSD card reader inside a USB stick. It might seem like a less than exciting stocking filler, but by Jove, it'll be a useful one for those on the go.

Buy it:, £5.99