Christmas Gift Guide – winter survival

Stuff cherrypicks the best of the winter-survival gear

You might be wishing you had some of this now, but be sure there will be more snowy weather to contend with after Christmas…

Trex Ice Traction Shoe Grips


Stretch these around your shoes to get some much-needed traction from the eight metal studs.


Zippo Hand Warmer


A single filling of lighter fuel will keep this lighter-shaped hand warmer emanating warmth for up to 12 hours. But it looks cool.




A blanket that you can get inside – just add a mug of hot chocolate and a copy of White Christmas.




If your OCD means you're getting pelted before you can make your perfectly round snowball, this ingenious contraption should quicken your ammo stockpiling.


USB Cup Warmer


Plug into your computer's USB port and even your broken central heating won't stop you enjoying a lovely hot cup of cha.


Midland SubZero Headphones


It's not a big step from headphones to earmuffs, but it's an important one.  The faux fur pads will keep your lugholes cosy in the winter air, and they're slim enough to fit beneath a hat.


HotCan Self-Heating Meal


Open the can and stir to get a hot meal in 12 minutes. No microwave, no oven, no kettle. Worth keeping a few in your glove compartment.

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