Christmas Gift guide – Secret Santa

Stumped for a Secret Santa gift? Have a rummage in our sack of sub-£20 ideas...

Ho ho ho! Christmas is upon us, and it’s almost time for that bearded man to creep into your bedroom and deposit the contents of his sack onto the foot of your bed.

But enough about Uncle Winston – it’s also nearly time for Secret Santa, and if you’re still stumped, here are some cracking sub-£20 pressies with a techie bent. And don’t worry: there are no HDMI cables.

Isotoner smarTouch gloves



Capacitive touchscreens and tradition gloves don’t mix well, which is why these woolly warmers from Totes are such a great gift for anyone who can’t get through the day without prodding, poking or pinching something. Available in a variety of colours, and for both men and women.


Philips AJ3231 Alarm Clock



Cheap enough to qualify for “stocking filler” status, this bedside alarm clock exudes an Apple-esque level of understated cool – sadly, this stylishness could possibly be ruined by the reflection of your morning face in its mirrored surface. Features an FM radio, natch.


Proporta iPad Tilt Stand



Anyone who wants to use their iPad as a digital photo frame or video player needs a gizmo like this – it save them from having the tiredest arms ever. The stand couldn’t be simpler – all it does it let you prop Apple’s tablet on a desktop in either landscape or portrait mode – but is pretty much a must-have to get the most out of the iPad.


Zippo Hand Warmer



The makers of the iconic lighter have turned their hands to this, er, hand warmer. Fill it with lighter fuel and it’ll pump out flame-free warmth for up to 12 hours, and according to Zippo it delivers up to ten times the warmth of rival hand warmers. We didn’t even know rival hand warmers existing, to be honest, but we won’t hold that against Zippo.

Stealth Laptop Sleeve



Keep thieves’ greedy eyes off your laptop with this tear-proof and waterproof sleeve, which looks to all the world like a tatty old padded envelope. But it’s a manila master of disguise that’ll fool onlookers into thinking you’re carrying around a bunch of old papers instead of a gadget worth several hundred (or thousand) clams. Just don’t chuck it in a letterbox, eh?


Aquapac Waterproof Camera Case £19

Marine Megastore

Summer holidays might seem a long way off as we huddle up against the snow and ice, but when summer rolls around your friend might find this little bag incredibly handy: whack a point-and-shoot camera inside and you can take snaps underwater. The clear plastic keeps out H20 (as well as sand and dust) to a depth of 10m, but remains supple enough that you can use the camera’s buttons through it.