Christmas Gift Guide – retro

Stuff dons its rose-tinted glasses to select the best retro Christmas presents

Don your rose-tinted glasses and step into the time tunnel to find a gift that'll bestow the warm glow of Yesteryear...

Retro Cassette Cover for iPhone 4


Give your cutting-edge mobile a cool '80s mixtape vibe by fitting this silicon iPhone 4 case.




Hands up if you wanted a Bigtrak for Christmas. Keep your hands up if Santa actually delivered something cheaper instead. It didn't matter how many mince pies or how big a glass of sherry you left, that Bigtrak failed to materialise year after year. But we're not bitter, are we? After all, we can now get an exact replica of the programmable robot tank for the same price it cost in the halcyon days.


Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug


Just add hot drink and watch Pac-Man, pills and ghostly associates appear on the side.


Giant Space Hopper


Normal space hoppers are just too small for us chubby adults. This 80cm space whopper shouldn't put so much strain on the old knees.


Vinyl Recordable CDs


Assuming you don't already consider CDs to be retro, these are very cool. Record music and data to CD-Rs styled like miniature vinyl records, complete with tiny record sleeves. They come 4 to a pack.


Sinclair Spectrum 48k T-shirt


For some of us, the Spectrum was our first taste of home computing. That's something to be celebrated. Complete the theme by filling your iPod with authentic loading sounds and forcing your computer to crash every 10 minutes.


The Ultimate Retro Sweet Hamper


Flying Saucers, Sherbert Fountains, Love Hearts, Dip Dabs, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads is just some of the old-school candy to come in this luxury sweety hamper.


Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones


Superb modern sonics in a '50s-style package. Just don't feel like you need to limit your music choices to Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis while you're wearing them.

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