Christmas Gift Guide – photography

Stuff picks some Christmas gift ideas for the photo-obsessive in your life

Lomography Spinner 360°


We could throw almost any Lomography camera into this list, as they're all bonkers. The Spinner's particularly insane, however. The camera rotates through 360 degrees on its pillar, capturing the whole panorama on 35mm film.


Kodak Pulse 7"


If, like us, you end up with a memory cards and hard disks clogged with photos no one ever gets to see, you might want to invest in a digital photo frame. This Wi-Fi-enabled 7-incher can even be given its own email address, so you can email it new photos on the move from your phone.


Rankin Portraits


One of the best-known contemporary fashion photographers shows off a visual feast of his finest portraits. Some of the most famous names in the world have been given the Rankin treatment, and a lot of them feature in this great book.


iPhone Telephoto Lens & Tripod


Get up close and personal with your iPhone 3G/3GS, thanks to this snap-on lens attachment and tripod kit. Gives you an 8x zoom for those long-distance shots of birds. The feathered kind.


Olympus E-PL1 & 14-42mm lens


The budget model in the PEN line-up is by no means a weak link. It's got a built-in flash, can accept the optional eye viewfinder and you get SLR image quality in compact package. It's a good time to join the Micro Four Thirds revolution.


Crumpler Banana Hammock

from £35

Need somewhere to sling your SLR? Swaddle it in this neoprene wrap which has an open end so it'll take any length of lens. Comes in three different sizes to fit varying porkiness of camera.


Giottos Q.ball


Dust on your lens – or worse, the sensor – can ruin a photo. Sad, but true. Adding a touch of unnecessary fun to the traditional air blower, the Q.ball has a nozzle that's angle-adjustable to, er, get into those hard-to-blow places.


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