Christmas Gift Guide – last minute

Don't know what to buy Granny for Christmas? Running out time? He's a few pressie pointers

Still haven't done your Christmas shopping? Unlucky, we have no sympathy. But unlike Scrooge we're not going to abandon you in your hour of need. To help make that last minute dash for presses at little less stressful we've come up with some last minute gift ideas. There's no need to thank us.

Xbox Kinect & 1 game

from £163, Gamestation

Forget button mashing; Kinect detects your movements to render controllers obsolete. Xbox used to be about hardcore smashing, bashing and kicking of ass, but Kinect introduces a family fun element to the otherwise grown-up console. Maybe the future will combine the two and see granny crawling round the living room in a bullet-proof vest.

Genius 1.3M Webcam

£25, Maplin

With a long-awaited white Christmas on the horizon, the phrase “be careful what you wish for” echoes through the terminals of Heathrow airport. Just in case you can’t get home for Christmas, at least you can enjoy your turkey at a safe distance from your Auntie Beryl who always goes for the lips.

Snow Snyder Sledge

£130, Toys R Us

The Ferrari of sledges, your kids will be pwning the slopes. It features metal runners for extra speed and a water-repellent sling seat. It even folds for easy storage. You could imagine this is the sledge the Stig buys his helmeted offspring for Christmas. 

Moleskin Pocket 2011 Diary

£14.50, Paperchase

A potential solution to the age-old dilemma of gift-buyers: What looks thoughtful while requiring little thought. You can’t beat a classic moleskin diary and hopefully it will give Mum an alternative outlet for the ramblings she has been ‘meaning to jot down’ for years.

Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board

£200, Game

Make room for that Christmas turkey and work off the over-indulgence afterwards. The balance board is everybody’s favourite fitness add-on for the Wii. Also a good way to check if your health insurance is worth the paper it’s written on.

Guiness World Records 2011

£10, Waterstones

Perhaps the most flexible gift of all time, this book provides jaw-dropping entertainment for any stocking, big or small, old or young. This year features the world’s biggest, 25,104-item-strong collection of Santa Claus merchandise. Why? We were about to ask the same question.

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