Christmas Gift Guide – Kitchen kit

Stuff picks the finest kitchen gifts for the blossoming culinary genius in your life...

You've been inspired to revamp your cooking world by the puppy-dog enthusiasm of that damn cockney chef. Unfortunately, your kitchen would make a caveman shake his head with disappointment. It's time to reboot your culinary life by adding these iconic, kitcheny essentials to your Christmas list...

Alessi SG66 electronic kitchen scales £100


Kitchen scales – not a very exciting purchase. Unless, of course, they're a masterpiece of minimalism and feature an alluring curve fronted by an electronic display. These scales handily measure in both metric and imperial, and can prove strangely addictive – best weigh that again just to be sure, eh?



Francis Francis X7 £185

Espresso Crazy

At 7am in the morning you don't want your espresso machine to confront you with (a) difficult questions about beans or tamping pressure or (b) drably functional looks. Luckily, the beautiful and idiot-proof X7 won't trouble you with either. It uses iperEspresso capsules and a two-stage extraction process to serve up a creamy, fuss-free espresso. Easy on the slurping, mind.


Joseph Joseph Rotary Peeler £12

Joseph Joseph

The 'swiss army knife of vegetable peelers' may not be a hotly contested culinary title but, if it were, the Rotary Peeler would still walk it. It houses three different blades – standard, serrated or julienne – which you can select by simply spinning the metal hub in the centre. There's even a potato eye remover. Well done Joseph and, indeed, Joseph.  


Boardcaster chopping board £30


Those Michelin-star TV chefs may flaunt knives so sharp they could split the atom. But one thing they don't have is a chopping board shaped like a Fender Telecaster. And in the kitchen world, that trumps everything. It's no novelty either, made from Beech wood and 25mm thick to cope with even the most crazed, Metallica-inspired chopping.   


Kitchenaid Stand Mixer £370


Whether you're having a stab at making meringue, pastry or a just a tasty mash, you need a mixer – and preferably one that can sit on the kitchen surface looking pretty. This KitchenAid has a hefty price tag, but it's built to withstand the artillery fire of particularly tough spuds and comes in a variety of stunning liveries including Ferrari red. Plus Nigella's got one.