Christmas Gift Guide – geek books

There's not an on switch in sight, but this lot will keep page-turning gadgeteers busy well into the New Year

There’ll be no batteries disappointingly not included with these techie tomes…

NASA Apollo 11 Manual


Okay, it’s not a real Haynes manual that lets you build your own moon lander, but it looks like one, and inside there are nitty-gritty details about the evolution of the Saturn V rocket and in-depth descriptions of the crew's communications systems. Beats walking round the living room really slowly with a colander on your head.


The Fry Chronicles


The Twitter King returns with a second instalment of his memoirs, and while the first was about going to jail, then Cambridge, the second sees him becoming a writer, comedian, actor and all-round geek. Expect lots of chat about Hugh Laurie being an awfully good egg, too.

Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention


Cracking cheese, Gromit. Trouser-o-matic inventor Wallace and his faithful dog are now in book form guiding us in the ways of inventors and invention. Get the kettle on then, lad.



Before CGI, the Beeb had a magical department committed to making Tardises take off and blowing up newsreaders. This is its story.?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Strategy Guide


You’ve changed, gaming. Yeah, we can tag along for the ride and have a good time, but we’re missing all that hidden goodness. And now this: a walkthrough guide with maps, weapons and tactics. Okay, we’re in.

Cooking for Geeks


Time to step away from the computer and conquer the kitchen. This book translates cooking from talent and taste to a roadmap between Waitrose, whisk and table, so no one needs to leave his comfort zone. Not to be confused with the Black Ops guide.

1001 Video Games you Must Play Before you Die


Do you know one of the people who complained when we missed one game he liked out of our 100 best games of all time? This is the book that person wants for Christmas.

The Adventures of Simon Pegg

£1.79, App Store

You could go all out and buy Pegg’s punnily-titled Nerd Do Well autobiography, but that would cost you £9 and lack the overblown comic book fantasy style of this iOS app. There’s a sample chapter included here anyway. No contest.

Star Wars ABC


This book teaches children early on that A is not for Apple and E is not for Elephant – but that A is for Anakin and E is for Ewok; that the computer-generated images and movie stills included are among the best in cinematic history; and that The Phantom Menace was big, big mistake...