Chocolate Instagram photographs turn your snaps into snacks

Chocoholic shutterbug with a sweet tooth and a keen eye for photography? Prepare to have your mind blown.

Proving the maxim that everything can be improved with chocolate, a new service lets you fuse Instagram and chocolate together into an edible melting pot of photographic chocolatey goodness.

That's right folks, you can now actually eat your arty black and white cat photos thanks to Cocoagraph, a service which converts uploaded photos – including Instagram and Hipstamatic shots – into deliciously edible chocolate squares.

With prices ranging from US$8.50 for a 50g slab to US$12 for a 15g three-pack, there's nothing stopping you from munching down on your favourite snaps or watching them melt into goo in the long-overdue sun.

Head on over to Cocoagraph now where you get your chocolate on in style.

[Cocoagraph via Gizmodo]

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