Chinese telecom company apparently outs iPhone 6 with poster mistake

This might just be the most convincing pre-release image of Apple's next phone yet
An Apple telco partner outs an iPhone 6 poster

Take a good look at the picture above, because we’re pretty sure that this is what the iPhone 6 is going to look like. That’s because this isn't just another blurry leaked shot from somewhere along the supply chain – the source this time is China Telecom, one of Apple’s largest telecommunications partners in the Far East.

The telecommunications company apparently released the poster on its official Weibo account in error yesterday. It has since taken it down, but not before Sina News grabbed a screenshot and posted it online.

Now, if this was any other ordinary leak, we'd have advised you to treat it with a healthy does of scepticism. But considering its apparent source, this is one of the more convincing – possibly the most convincing – of the pre-release images we've seen thus far. And there have been a lot of them.

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Convincing – but nothing new

Looking closely at the shot, it seems to sit in line with many of the other spy shots that have been previously leaked. So it might be the most on-the-nose image of the iPhone 6 yet, but it doesn't offer up a whole lot of surprises or new information about the smartphone.

It’s most likely coming in a trio of colour options – gold, black, and silver – since all three appear on the poster. In addition, according to China Telecom, it will support a range of networks: WCDMA, CDMA2000, GSM, CDMA1X and two kinds of 4G LTE network.

China Telecom's poster represents what feels like the millionth pre-release image of the iPhone 6, which must be the most leaked smartphone in history. Will Tim Cook and co have any surprises for us at all come the launch day (most likely 9th September)? Make sure you join us then to find out, and in the meantime take a look at our iPhone 6 preview to find out everything we know.

[Source: Forbes, image: Sina News]

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