Cheap texts from abroad on the way?

The EU may have sorted out scandalous roaming charges on the continent, but sending texts and data still demand pockets as deep as those on our Bermud

The average cost to holidaymakers of a wish-you-were-here text sent from across the Channel is 21p – nearly five times the average cost back here in Blighty. Data gets a similar bump, with the average cost of downloading 200 web pages a palatable £1.50 here, a whopping £4.11 abroad.

Here to sort out this mess is Ofcom's big cheese, Ed Richards, who's meeting right now with our cousins in Brussels to call for all mobile charges to be capped in the same way voice calls are.

Expect a long, drawn out process to get there, but hopefully it won't be too long before we start seeing fair pricing across the board. Until then, we're taking the caravan to Wales.