Cheap MSI WindBOX set to rule your desktop

First there was the MSI Wind netbook, then the NetON nettop PC and now, after months of rumours, the most ludicrously named one of the lot – the

The idea is simple – buy yourself a WindBOX and slap it onto the back of your monitor, as long as it's packing a VESA–compatible mount. Then you've got a simple, clutter–free all–in–one desktop at a knockdown price.

It's certainly not the most powerful PC you'll ever boot up. Inside you get an Intel Atom, 1GB of RAM, Wi–Fi, 3–in–1 card reader and a VGA port, plus 3 USBs. Still, if you're just using it to go online and tickle some spreadsheets of an evening, who cares?

It's due out by Spring, with the price doubtless floating around the £199 mark. A recession buster if ever we saw one. Save money now in our guide to beating the recession.



Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: MSI