Chat about future home gadgets with Stuff on Google Plus this Thursday

Join us this week where you can see our stylish roster of Stuff staff chat about which gadgets will be lining your home in the years to come

The best-looking Stuff writers will be hosting a Google Plus Hangout this Thursday March 28th at 1pm. The theme? Crocheting doily-patterned tea cosys.

Wait, that's next month's theme. Apologies.

This week, we'll be dealing with future home gadgets. From home automation to laser-shooting kettles, we'll be knee-deep in future gadgets designed to make your abode more sophisticated than the bridge of the Enterprise.

It's the perfect way to gear yourselves up for Gadget Show Live in Birmingham next week, where Stuff will be partnering up with British Gas to showcase a plethora of shiny gadgets to cater for all tech-loving needs.

Click on through to the Google Plus Hangout invite and we'll see you on Thursday.

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