Championship Manager 2010 does a "Radiohead" with pay what you like pricing

Football stats game and life-consuming obsession Championship Manager 2010 is available at a price of 1p for the game. Echoing Radiohead's pick-your-p

Echoing Radiohead's pick-your-price model for their 2008 record In Rainbows, Championship Manager 2010 for PC is available for download now and you can pay what you like.

Though the games publisher Eidos is keen to trumpet the new pricing model, there is a catch. You need to pay a £2.50 transaction fee as well as the minimum price of 1p. But still, £2.51 for a brand new game is hardly steep.

Championship Manager 2010 features the full Premier League as well as international leagues. There's a new 3D match engine to show your team in action and a set-piece creator which'll allow you to take free-kicks and corners.

How much will you be willing to pay for Championship Manager 2010? A stingy £2.51 or a little bit more? Talk about this and other gaming joy in the forums.