CES: ultrathin OLED screens will replace LCD and plasma

Aside from the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD debacle, the biggest story of CES is the arrival of the first commercially available OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode

OLED is a technology that's been on the horizon for some time, offering vastly reduced power consumption comparred to rival technologies LCD and plasma. It also boasts near 180-degree viewing angles and million-to-one contrast ratios - and OLED screens can be just millimetres thick.

Over on the Samsung stand, you can even see a 31in OLED prototype, with similar razor-thin profile (see picture, right). It'll be some time before screens of this size are financially viable - but don't forget that five years ago you'd have paid tens of thousands for a 42in plasma. A new age is dawning.

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