CES predictions: 3DTV

In the past, we might have scoffed at the prospect of 3DTV at home. But if Avatar’s billion-dollar box office takings have shown us anything, it’s tha

Now that content providers (that’s film and TV bods to you) have got wind of the public thirst for an extra dimension, making the right kit to watch it on has become a priority for manufacturers.

At this year’s CES, expect 3DTVs to be – quite literally – coming at you from all sides.

Mitsubishi got out of the blocks early, showing off its 82-inch DLP 3DTV, but that’s just the tiny tip of the enormous 3D iceberg the HMS Gadget is sailing for.

We’ll be seeing plenty of 3D screens for movies, TV and gaming, plus plug-in tech to bridge the gap for soon-to-be-last-gen kit such as Blu-ray players.

And expect more announcements of 3D content live (ESPN and Sky have piped up already) and on BD.

Sadly, we’re unlikely to see a pair of 3D specs we’d be happy to wear with the lights on.

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