CES – Peavey AG RiffMaster hands-on

Las Vegas doesn’t seem to be a city that was built on rock ‘n’ roll. Based on my experiences here so far i’d say it was based on bad American r ‘n’ b

I got mildly excited about these real guitar controllers when i read about them online back in November 2007 but at the time they were strictly limited edition and sold only in the US. Thinking i’d never get a chance to truly rock out on Guitar Hero 3 with a real axe slung round my neck i jumped at the chance to have a go here on the Peavey stand – and it’s one of the most fun things i’ve done at CES so far. Certainly makes a change from thin tellies.

Being a GH veteran i plumped straight for Expert mode, which turned out to be a bit of a faux pas. The RiffMaster is about twice as big as a standard Guitar Hero controller, which made it a lot more difficult to hit the right fret buttons, so i came across looking like an amateur with ideas above his station when i failed 3s and 7s by Queens of the Stone Age before i’d even finished 10 per cent of the track. But a swift switch to Hard mode and i was back on form. The tilt sensor to deploy star power even works.

Lucky for me they’re coming to the UK later this year, but in the meantime we’ll have some video footage online very soon. It rocks, i want one.