CES: Magellan shows off Google sat-nav

We expect a lot from our sat-navs these days – Bluetooth, music playback, even weather updates. But now Magellan has raised our expectations a l

How will this change your life? It won’t exactly port you to your chosen destination, but it does mean information you can usually only get by feeling around for your mobile – while stationary, of course – will be on hand. Local Search combines Yellow Pages-style listings with maps, so all you’ll need to do is type in ‘pizza’ and Google will tell you all the relevant outlets in your area complete with web-based recommendations.

Naturally, the Maestro’s GPRS connection helps with some of the sat-nav basics too – live traffic and, yes, weather updates are provided, and you’ll be able to beam over addresses to the device from your PC. There’s also a generous 5in WQVGA screen, 3D mapping and millions of Points of Interest.

Sadly, there’s no information yet of UK availability and pricing, but it will be debuting in the States before Spring for $1299, which is a fairly hefty £660, plus an as yet unknown monthly fee for the GPRS. We await its arrival with sweaty palms.


Magellan Maestro Elite 5340

Price: £TBA ($1299 in US, plus unknown monthly charge)

On sale: TBA

Contact: Magellan