CES: Alpha 200 is Sony's new entry-level DSLR

Well we'll be damned. The whispers of a new entry-level Alpha we heard before CES have turned out to be true. Unveiled in Las Vegas, the Alpha 200 rep

There's been no megapixel hike (it stays at 10.2) but the 200 does gets speedier autofocusing - a full 1.7x faster at getting a lock than its predecessor - and a new, larger, brighter 2.7in screen.

The menus have been tweaked and it's now more sensitive in low light. Sony's also done something about that notoriously loud shutter noise which was prone to scare off wildlife at a hundred paces.

And no, our eyes don't deceive us: it has actually shrunk, making it not much larger than the tiny Olympus E-410.

Best of all, it arrives in just one month. Bless you, Sony.


Sony Alpha 200

Price: £TBA

On sale: February