CES 2015: BMW reveals the next generation of navigation, a car-unlocking credit card and much more

Gadgets galore from the on-fire German marque
 CES 2015: BMW reveals the next generation of navigation and more

As cars get ever more techie they're muscling in on traditional gadget territory, and CES 2015 is no different. 

BMW was among a number of major vehicle manufacturers to reveal some serious tech brilliance at this year's show, including its take on wireless charging and a whole host of smartwatch connectivity options.

Here's our pick of the Bavarian brand's best bits…

Maps on your wrist

 CES 2015: BMW reveals the next generation of navigation and more

The i3 already boasts a satellite navigation system that considers public transport when planning the quickest journey, but an updated service, dubbed BMW i Connected Mobility, allows the user to continue receiving handy navigational instructions long after the car is parked via a smartwatch or smartphone.

The system can also log into digital calendars and detect if two appointments are in different geographical locations. The app will then calculate the time required to get to multiple meetings, provide directions and up-to-the-minute public transport news and on-foot turn-by-turn instructions, as well as personal reminders so you're never tardy again.

Power to the passengers

 CES 2015: BMW reveals the next generation of navigation and more

In a move to end family travel squabbles forever, BMW announced that its future models would seamlessly sync to tablet devices so rear passengers could control many of the car's infotainment and comfort functions without interfering with the main driver screens.

Touch Command, as it is officially known, wirelessly syncs a Samsung tablet to the vehicle's main computer and allows passengers to heat or cool the cabin, select tunes and even control the optional rear-seat entertainment. Meaning no more arguments about playing Madagascar 2 for the fifth consecutive time.

The MasterCard master key

 CES 2015: BMW reveals the next generation of navigation and more

Remote unlocking on modern vehicles is nothing new, in fact most cars will now open their doors as long as the key fob is somewhere in range. But BMW's future models might do away with keys completely and allow its drivers to unlock and start future vehicles with a smartwatch, smartphone or even a credit card.

The multi-function credit cards would be fitted with Near Field Communication (NFC) chips and would enable users to buy their weekly shop via contactless payment and then unlock their vehicle by swiping it over a sensor on the windscreen.

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Next-gen home charging

 CES 2015: BMW reveals the next generation of navigation and more

The number of all-electric and hybrid vehicles on our roads is steadily increasing, which means there is a potential issue with EV owners sucking too much juice from the grid at peak times. To combat this, BMW is researching ways in which it can recycle batteries from used electric vehicles and incorporate them into the next generation wall chargers.

The batteries in the BMW i ChargeForward Program would be used to store solar energy that is harnessed from the sun during the day and would then feed this into the electric or hybrid vehicle come charging time. The innovative system could also draw energy from the grid during off-peak hours, making it cheaper for the user and reducing the burden on the grid during busy periods.

If you don't fancy an unsightly wall box, BMW is also on the brink of releasing contact-free power transfer via inductive charging. The high-voltage battery in the i8 can be charged in just two hours (similar to a wired charge) and the technology even works in the snow or wet.

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