CES 2013 Hot Stuff Award winners announced

We've scoured the highways and byways of the world's biggest tech show for the most exciting, inspiring and downright awesome gadgets – prepare to have your socks blown off

With 3000 exhibitors spread over 1.85 million net square feet of prime Las Vegas real estate, you really need some way of cutting through the chaff to get to the greatest gadget wheat at CES. Luckily for you, we’ve braved the queues and dealt with the blisters so that you don’t have to – so sit back, relax, and check out the ten winners of the CES Hot Stuff Awards 2013.

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Lego's laying the building blocks for a new generation of hackers and programmers with the EV3 brick, the latest in its Mindstorms robotics range. The first Mindstorms brick that can be programmed without a PC, the Linux-based EV3 adds on-brick programming, an array of sensors and Android and iOS compatibility to your robot army.

Pure Jongo T640B

Pure takes the fight straight to Sonos' door with its brightly coloured 100W speaker – whose built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi serve up digital music shenanigans with minimal hassle. Add more Jongo components and a Pure Music subscription and you’ve got all the music you could possibly need in every room of the house. And all for just £250.

Samsung and LG curved OLED TVs

While we were expecting OLED at CES 2013, Samsung and LG have thrown us a curveball – literally. The two Korean manufacturers have brought curved OLED TVs to CES 2013, with both Sammy and LG claiming that theirs is the world’s first. We’ll let them argue over the bragging rights and soak up the beautifully vibrant 2D and 3D pictures on these two sets – which, thanks to their 5-degree curve, are even more immersive than those from boring old flat screens.

Parrot Flower Power

Green-fingered gadgeteers rejoice – Parrot's Flower Power sensor will measure sunlight, humidity and temperature, check it against a database of thousands of plants, and send updates on the health of your beloved plant straight to your smartphone. Now if they can just pull off the same feat for children and pets we’ll be even more impressed.

Vuzix Smart Glasses M100

Specs make you look smart – but Vuzix's Android-powered Smart Glasses actually make you smarter, displaying your smartphone's screen right in front of your eyes. A built-in 720p camera and 4GB storage plus 8GB card let you capture all that you survey. And it’s expected to be priced at under US$500 when it’s released later this year. Could this be the first in a wave of wearable tech?

Sony Xperia Z

With its gorgeous 5in 1080p display, blistering quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and waterproof construction, the Xperia Z has all the makings of a true Android king. Little touches like the ability to shut off data to extend battery up to five days and a really effective camera interface are just the icing on the already achingly tempting cake.

NVIDIA Project Shield

It might look like just a controller, but this is a full-on Tegra 4-toting console that can stream your Steam catalogue from a PC to your TV at home with Android games to be played on the 5in 720p screen when out and about. Smells like gaming perfection to us.


An app that listens in on your phone conversations might sound creepy – but Expect Labs’ Mindmeld for iPad will be a welcome eavesdropper. Using Nuance voice recognition software it listens out for key words in our chat and brings up pertinent information – mention a restaurant and you’ll have its details on your tablet instantly as you talk. Precognition is the goal – and we can see great things in this app's future.

Scosche boomBottle

Cycling with headphones on is a risky business – so ditch the buds and rock out to this bottle of tunes. This Bluetooth speaker syncs up with your mobile and slips into your bottle holder – letting you blast out tunes for up to ten hours, if you can cycle for that long. The rugged water-resistant case and high visibility colour options mean that come rain or darkness you’ll be seen as well as heard.

Fitbit Flex

It might look like another simple activity-tracking wristband, but the Fitbit Flex is a lot more. For a start it tracks your inactivity, or sleep to be specific. In fact, the Flex monitors your every move, and syncs constantly with your phone via power-sipping Bluetooth 4.0. The tiny sensor can even be removed from the wristband when you want to track yourself in less conspicuous fashion.

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