CES 2010: Time to get sporty

January is a time when most of us think about our Christmas food sins, vow to put down the cake and get our festively plump behinds on a treadmill. An

January is a time when most of us think about our Christmas food sins, vow to put down the cake and get our festively plump behinds on a treadmill. And CES proved it was no stranger to the fitness bug with a number of big companies unveiling products to help us keep fit.

First up alongside its see-through sibling the IceTouch, Samsung also unveiled the MyFit MP3 player, the first PMP to include "wellness management tools" such as stress and body fat level monitors, and customisable workout guides that'll pick music depending on your workout.

Also included in this fitness gadget is an accelerometer which tracks calories burned while jogging, a food calorie database for help you work out how many calories you're eating at meals and a water intake manager to tell you when to take water breaks (if you're thirst didn't let you know already).

Fitness aside, it'll be available in 8GB and 16GB capacities and support all the usual audio and video formats, and be available in the first half of 2010.

Sounds very nice, but it'll also turn militant on you when you start slacking and losing pace. Keep up boy!

It'll be available with 4GB capacity, with pricing and dates to be confirmed.

But Philips didn't stop there. It also showed off the Directlife program we first heard of late last year, now confirmed as heading to the UK.

Combined with a wearable Activity Monitor, it tracks your daily movements, and its duration and intensity. You can then whack the data up onto a personal web page to get your stats and track your progress against your goals.

Also part of the program is a group of online personal coaches to help you set your goals, provide feedback and help you achieve them, as well as a personalised activity plan and weekly feedback summaries.

Once hooked up, you can listen to tunes while getting feedback on your progress, and similarly to the Activa, told to speed up or slow down based on the current "zone" in your workout.

It'll come with a heart rate monitor and stride sensor to give you your stats afterwards, and the miCoach website packs 3,000 workout plans and a calendar to help you plan your movements in advance.

We got hands on with it earlier, so be sure to check out our pictures – it's available now for £120.

Have these gadget inspired you to get to the gym? Let us know below.

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