CES 2010: Samsung ereaders hands on

As we've heard, Samsung have joined the ereader game and officially pulled the covers off of the E6 and E101 readers.E6:What they didn't tell us in th


What they didn't tell us in the press releases that they also have another two models up their sleeve – the as yet nameless 5-inch model, and 6-inch model with a QWERTY keyboard.

5-inch model:

To rundown the specs of all four, first up you can expect monochrome touchscreens with built-in stylus pens. According to Samsung, this will save you time when using your eReader as it "prevents mistypes caused by hands and other objects". The un-named QWERTY 6-incher will pack a keyboard for easier emailing, giving it a stand out feature from the rest of the bunch.

6 inch model with QWERTY:

All four will also offer 2GB memory, a built-in MP3 player for listening to music and audio books, handwriting capabilities with the stylus, built-in dictionaries and up to 24 hours battery life.

There'll be Bluetooth 2.0 for sharing content and they'll be DLNA-enabled to share content with other DLNA devices in the home.

Separately though, the E6 has a slide up part to reveal a trackpad for easy navigation and the E101 boasts calligraphy and edit functions (cut, copy & paste). Between them, the E6 and E101 feature Samsung's Text-to-Speech engine, which means they will be able to read books aloud – it's not known if this will make its way in to the two as yet nameless models.


We know we can expect the E6 and E101 in the UK in March but UK pricing is currently up in the air. We do know they'll retail in the US for $399 for the E6 andn $699 for the E101 though, which is really rather pricey.

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