CES 2010: The odd sock drawer

In all the excitement over a massive 3D television, a handful of newfangled slates and zillions of ereaders, it’s easy to forget the gadgets for

Spare a thought for Ion Audio’s Twin Video – a Flip Mino-style camcorder with dual lenses that records simultaneously from front and rear. It’s touted as a vid blogger’s best friend, and can switch views, split the screen or mount a picture within a picture.

And we welcomed the return of an old friend: Pleo. The extinct dinobot has been resurrected under new management and a Pleo Mark II could be bigger, badder and more ticklish than his ancestor. No word on how big yet, so there’s room for widespread Jurassic Park-style panic.

Feel like we missed something? We’ve put the sporty kit in its own post. Have a squizz at our CES 2010: Time to get sporty post.