CES 2010: LG’s 7mm ultrathin TV could be with us this year

It won’t be in shops for a while, but when it does appear, it’ll be difficult to spot LG’s 6.9mm LCD if you’re looking from th

That’s because, at almost two-thirds the thickness of a CD case, the Koreans’ latest TV is virtually invisible in profile.

The waifish set – which LG has hinted could be on the market this year – uses a slim LED backlight structure to keep the weight off, while localised dimming of up to 240 different screen areas improves contrast and picture quality.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the tech, the company’s Infinia range uses the same tricks and should hit shops soon, though LG is keeping schtum on a UK date just now.

While unable to compete with the supermodel girth of the sub-7mm set, the LE9500 series will also be LG’s first foray into 3D, available with 55-inch or 47-inch screens and measuring under 2.5cm width.

Pricing and availability are yet to be announced, but we’re itching to plug some 3D goodness into these skinny sets and see what they can do.

Are you happy with your fat TV, or do you fancy upgrading to a slimmer model? Let us know in the comments.