CES 2010: Intel Infoscape is a geek magnet

Processors aren't a great source of scintillating dinner party chat. Intel knows this, so instead of just boasting about the graphical prowess of its

Of course, the 'Infoscape' is completely pointless, but it is very pretty and attracted geeks at CES 2010 like a giant electric fly trap (as you can see in our video).

Powered by Core i7, it shows a seemingly infinite wave of blocks, all of which feature a live story from Google News. Touch one of the blocks, and the story opens up for you to read.

Clutching at straws for possible uses, the presenter suggested libraries might benefit from installing an Infoscape. Of course, it's really just a clever way to show off Core i7. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a wall to prod...

[by Mark Wilson]

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