CES 2010: Hands-on with the LG exPo projector phone

As is befitting of a show held in a city that's in a permanent state of inebriation, CES always delivers its share of bonkers gadgetry. And, sure enou

Yes, this freakish hybrid has arrived to solve mobile phone users' biggest frustration – not being able to project a movie onto a wall or their fellow commuters' faces.

Though the exPo's form factor reminds us of the lab mouse that had an ear grown onto its back, it's still a real feat of convergence. It just about squeezed into our pocket, and the extra bulge makes it more comfortable in the hand than some overly svelte fashion phones. You can also remove the projector module if you're tired of being stared at on the bus.

The projector seems to suffer from some of the usual issues of pico projectors such as a lack of brightness, but that's not really the point – it's a phone with a projector. No more questions required.

Except there is one other slight issue that may break the deal – the exPo runs Windows Mobile 6.5, with LG's S-class on top of it. That's not a great combination in our book, though a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 800x480 screen and full QWERTY keyboard mean it's certainly no smartphone mug.

There's no UK pricing or launch details available for the exPo, but we'll let you know as soon as it's announced – in the meantime check out our hands-on video.

[by Mark Wilson]