CES 2009 – What we wanted, what we got

What we wanted – Touchscreen Sony WalkmanWhat we got – Sony X–Series WalkmanOk, we knew this was coming thanks to Sony giving us a s

What we got – Sony X–Series Walkman

Ok, we knew this was coming thanks to Sony giving us a sneak peek in Japan, but the new touchscreen Sony X–Series Walkman really is pretty special. It has a 3in OLED screen, excellent sound and battery life and could finally claw the Walkman brand back to the top spot. Check out our hands–on video now.

What we wanted – 3D TV

What we got – Plenty of 3D TVs in action, but they're still not ready for your front room

3D TV has been one of the hottest stories this year, but LG, Sony and Mitsubishi's efforts remain some way off. Panasonic, however, has committed to bringing their own model out in 2010, although you can expect it to cost a mint when it launches.

What we wanted – OLED TVs

What we got – a super slim LG AMOLED

OLED wasn't nearly as big a story in 2009 as it was in 2008. That said, LG's new 0.85mm AMOLED model really caught our eye. It measures just 15in, but looked like it really could become the ultimate bedroom TV when it hits in the summer.

What we wanted – Motorola Android phones

What we got – Three new non–Android Motos

Moto did unveil a trio of new models, but not one of them had Google's Android OS under the hood. The MotoSurf WinMo phone, recycled Renew mobile and the rugged Tundra will all be hitting shelves later this year, but we couldn't help feel disappointed at Moto's failure to launch their Google phone. See our hands–on video now.

What we wanted – Zune phone

What we got – Not a sniff of anything Zune related